About Alt Coins Investment Funds

The investment seeks daily investment results in altcoins. The fund invests in coins and tokens that MalairteBitcoin believes, in combination, should have similar daily return characteristics as two percent times (2%x) the daily return of the index. It is a float-adjusted, market capitalization weighted index of approximately 250 alternative operating coin/token companies selected through a process that factors in criteria such as liquidity, price, and volatility.

The name “altcoin” is used to describe any peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin. After Bitcoin became the first, successful digital currency, many other alternatives followed in its wake, hoping to capitalize on its success. As a result, these currencies gained the moniker “altcoin”, an abbreviation of “alternative coin”.

Monthly Return Trading Cycle


The fund has returned 48.25 percent over the past year, 39.77 percent over the past three years and 35.47 percent over the past five years.

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2 years ago I paid James for 2 Bitcoins at $375 a piece. He told me it would replace the US dollar. I did not understand how it worked, but I trusted in James from past jobs he did in the programming field. After 2 years I decided to get out of the fund because I have a daughter going to college. I reinvested the money each month in hopes of a bigger peice of the pie. When I told him I wanted out, he rain the numbers for 2.12 Bitcoin. 2 weeks later I had a check for $33,948. He told me I would be making an avg. of 30%. I thought he meant US Dollars but he was meaning Bitcoins. I would reinvest in the fund after my child is off my payroll. Jeff

Yesterday I had to withdrawal from James fund due to a divorce coming down the pipeline. I called James 2 weeks ago saying I needed out and he told me in 2 weeks I would have a check in hand. I paid for 5 Bitcoins for $2500 a piece. He sold my 5.75 Bitcoins for $86200($15000 a piece) and that was that. There was no problems and I received a list of all the coins he traded that month. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas. Tom

I am getting a check from Malairte Bitcoin every month. I bought 10 Bitcoins a while back and wanted to test his service. I sent him one Bitcoin in the beginning to test him out and 4 months later I sent him the rest. So far I get a detailed list of what the invested funds goto and how much I made. If I wanted my Bitcoin back it would take 3 to 6 hours to get them back he says, but so far I like the monthly checks. Zac

I think he is using a bot. After getting the list of the trades I went back and charted all of them. Most of them made money. I am getting my monthly returns in Bitcoins. If you buy him a beer he talks about what he does. He knows his stuff. Just keep asking him questions when he talks over your head. He does not mean to but after all he is a geek. Walt H.