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Trading Group


Automated trading. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Averaging 25,000 trades a year, our bot is one of the fastest among cryptocurrency trading platforms.


Your assets matter. Their safety even more so. Malairte uses proprietary programmed system alerts and warnings to prevent major losses. From constant status checks to coin delisting awareness, our loss mitigation programming is one of the key features Malairte offers to our investors.


The Malairte System was developed from systematically logged historical data which is utilized by the program to determine the optimal trades for any given circumstance. Updated daily, our bot's internal algorithms analyze the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market on a realtime basis.


Stay up to date by following our Social Media Pages and Monthly Profit Reports! Please send us an email or call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or the trading group itself.


Malairte will share profit generated from the investments on a pro-rate basis to all investors including the investor themselves as follow: Malairte Bitcoin will charge a 3% management fee monthly. If the customer makes equal or less than 3% of monthly gain then Malairte Bitcoin LLC will not make a profit for that month. We only believe in making money when you do.

The Bitcoin Investment Fund Manager shall pay to the Investor their part of the profit received monthly, with respect to the investments made in accordance with this Agreement. Such payments will be immediate and received / cleared whether on principal, profit or any other account whatsoever.

Investors shall receive their part of the pool of the monthly investments by:

  • Check / Direct Deposit
  • Bitcoin
  • Reinvest of Profit back into the bot


This Agreement shall come into effect upon the parties agreeing to the terms present and will remain in effect until the contract termination or result of breach of any terms agreed upon hitherto. If term infraction cannot be rectified within seven days of the infraction notice for breach, all investment made on behalf of the investor will be determined and redeemed by the investor.

Either party can voluntarily terminate this agreement upon giving ten days' notice of such intention in writing to the other party.